I came to the clinic with a blood sugar level of 197 and was feeling terrible; dizzy, faint, headaches. When I went home with Moringa and took 3 doses of 1 tsp each. When I returned to the clinic the next morning, my blood sugar was 110 and I felt much better; stronger, with no headache or dizziness. - Rosa Lara
Angela is a PA. She struggled to hold her hands over my head to blow dry her hair. After taking 2 Moringa leaf capsules a day for 1 year she now works 14 hour shifts and hikes in the mountains again. She successfully combats polymyalgia rheumatica without steroids using Moringa.
Pet lovers are raving about the shocking results of feeding their sick and dying pets Moringa. A puppy had a 6x4 cm wide and 3 mm deep painful, hard tumour. In 2 weeks after starting to fed him Moringa the tumour had decreased to 1 cm and was not painful any more.

New Song's organically grown pure moringa oleifera raw leaf powder, a bio-available super food hosting over 92 nutrients with live enzymes intact

Moringa Oleifera floods your body with 100% bioavailable, enzymatically live, cell-ready nutrients, which not only help balance your pH levels, creating an optimal alkaline environment, but also removes toxins and detoxifies your liver and whole body. Revitalize your senses with natural and sustained energy, without crash. Make radiant, dynamic health and maintenance a reality.

New Song is grateful to offer moringa nutrients in powder form and convenient leaf and seed capsules.

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